Changes to PHX2 netapp ISCSI

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at
Fri Apr 22 22:18:49 UTC 2011

Previously, the PHX2 facility has had one ISCSI partition that was
mounted on multiple xen/kvm servers to allow for boxes to be moved
from one server to another when needed. This worked for in our
original PHX1 facility, but the new netapp can be configured in more
ways and the storage admins have recommended we split up our storage
into smaller "containers" to help deal with possible performance and
continuity of service issues.

Old partition: xenGuests
New partitions: virtWebGuests virtBuildGuests

currently on xenGuests the following partititons and guests live:
  compose-x86-02 xenGuests     -wi-a- 300.00g
  cvs-storage    xenGuests     -wi-a- 300.00g
  cvs1           xenGuests     -wi-a-  75.00g
  cvs2           xenGuests     -wi-a-  15.00g
  koji2          xenGuests     -wi-a-  10.00g
  nfs01          xenGuests     -wi-a-  10.00g
  pkgs01         xenGuests     owi-a-  75.00g
  relepel01      xenGuests     -wi-a-  30.00g
  relepel1-old   xenGuests     -wi-a-  30.00g
  sign-bridge01  xenGuests     -wi-a-  30.00g
  ns04           xenGuests     -wi-a-  15.00g
  db02           xenGuests     -wi-a-  75.00g

we would rebuild/move ns04 and db02 over to virtWebGuests

and the other boxes would be rebuilt as needed on the virtBuildGuests
share. [We can also create more shares for the build network.]

Stephen J Smoogen.
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