fedorahosted / collab plans and progress

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Wed Dec 7 17:36:54 UTC 2011

> > Any thoughts on the 2 questions above? When should we move hosted
> > lists, and should we do our great hosted cname stuff now, or save
> > that for a later more controlled time. 
> 1. I think we can have the hosted cnames be an easyfix for an
> fi-apprentice. Generating the full list of cnames from the entries on
> hosted1 should be a trivial scripting operation for someone.

Yeah, that part is not hard, however: 

- Making changes to our gitweb and trac to output
  'project.fedorahosted.org/scm' instead of 'git.fedorahosted.org'

- educating projects to use the new hostname instead of old. 

Are likely to take more. If we shift this off until after our rhel6
move, we can pick some projects and figure out all the needed changes
with them before moving everyone else. 

> 2. I don't have a strong feeling on the mailing list migration timing.


I guess my inclination is to wait and do it at the same time we
migrated hosted01 or even push it out a week or so (although that gets
us up against the holidays). 


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