Fedora Community

Adam Dutko dutko.adam at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 01:38:41 UTC 2011

> I don't know. It was a project from 2 summers ago, but after that it
> sat at Beta and does not seem to have had much added to it since then.

It seems like a good idea and is aesthetically pleasing. It also seems like a decent number of things are working. 

> It is one our harder items to deal with in infrastructure since it is
> AGPL and we have to make sure that fixes are available not through
> hotfixes but in a way that allows for users to get the code right
> then.

Really? Deploying from an RCS shouldn't be too hard, but mine is one opinion in a sea of many (who have probably also contributed more than I).

It seems like the idea behind it is sound. Besides the big drawback of not having a maintainer, what would we stand to gain if it were picked up by someone? What would we stand to lose if it weren't (besides the obvious administrative easing and resources)?

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