Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction Derren Dunn

Derren Dunn dunnderr at
Wed Jul 6 02:55:17 UTC 2011

Hi All,
     My name is Derren Dunn and I am interested in helping out the 
infrastructure group in any way that I can.  I hold a current RHCE with 
network security endorsement and am looking for a project to keep my 
skills sharp.  In addition, I have reasonable python coding skills and 
am interested in using these skills to develop infrastructure/sysadmin 
related scripts and software.

     Unfortunately,  I won't be able to attend the regularly scheduled 
infrastructure meetings because they are scheduled at a time that 
conflicts my current job responsibilities, but I am happy to follow up 
during off hours and keep abreast of meeting minutes.

-- Derren

P.S. My irc handle is dunntm.

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