Request for resources: Ask Fedora

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Tue Jul 19 16:44:15 UTC 2011


I have just filed the RFR for Ask Fedora at

Askbot - is a question and answer oriented forum that
I am requesting  Fedora infrastructure team.   As some of you might
already know,  I have been working on packaging Askbot and its
dependencies for Fedora for the last several weeks.  At this point, 
except for Askbot itself, all its dependencies are in Fedora. Most of
the dependencies have been built for EPEL 6 as well.   We originally
tried building for EPEL 5 but many of the dependencies are expected to
be more recent versions and went with EPEL 6 instead.  I expect to
finish all the packaging work before the end of this week.  There are
some minor patches for Askbot I am working on that I want to test before
importing Askbot itself but the process is mostly complete and I along
with others have tested it locally.    I thought I would get a early
start on the proposal and answer any questions on this and get the
discussions going in parallel while I do the last steps.   

I have been working with upstream for a while now and on our request, 
upstream has made the authentication system extensible via plugins.   We
have added a plugin for authentication via Fedora account system.  The
next step is to run a test instance,  test it more publicly and fix any
issues and add some minor features ( support,  auto linking to
Red Hat bugzilla for bug references etc) and  I hope to be able to go
into production stage or atleast a soft launch before Fedora 16.  

I have explained in length my motivations for working on this and rest
of the details at

Do let me know your thoughts


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