Request for resources: Ask Fedora

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Wed Jul 20 17:20:27 UTC 2011

upstream On 07/20/2011 09:32 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> Some questions (which may not be known yet, but I thought I would toss
> them out there): 
> * If FAS is unavailable, how does askbot behave? No one can auth? or
>   falls back on a local file? or ?

Askbot has openid support.  Will support using Google,  Twitter etc as
you can see in 

> * Do we have any idea how much load/capacity this will take? I guess it
>   will depend on how much it takes off and how much people use it. Are
>   posts/answers stored in db? Or on the filesystem?

Stored in the db.  Supports MySQL or Postgres.  Postgres is recommended
by upstream since it supports full text search.  I don't know how much
load it will take.  I have tested it but not with thousands of users. 

> * Will there be any guidelines or the like for content? Should all
>   questions be fedora related? Do we want to remove posts that are
>   offensive? (Not a technical issue, but thought I would mention it, it
>   would be good to have guidelines for moderation before content
>   appears to meet people's expectations)

We would recommend people post Fedora related questions in the FAQ but
if there is a community to answer general open source questions,  that
is alright too.  As people vote up/vote down answers, answer other
questions etc and gain points they incrementally get more administrative
access in the forum and become moderators.  Moderators have very similar
rights to admins.  Offensive posts (both questions and answers) can be
flagged by anyone and administrators/moderators can close it and
suspend/block users as necessary.

> * Are updates of the app pretty transparent? ie, just yum update? or do
>   they require database changes? 

Just yum update so far.  If db changes are necessary, it requires two
commands  (backup db for safety)

  * python syncdb
  * python migrate

> * Is there any security history for the application? Have their been
>   security issues and have they been fixed in a timely manner?

No security issues  so far but upstream has been responsive to issues we
have reported and fixed them within days.

> * Is there themeing available? Would we want to involve the design
>   folks in making a fedora branded theme for it?

Yes indeed.   This is my TODO list

Upstream theming support is not awesome but good enough for our purposes
and upstream is willing to work on enhancing is as needed


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