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Rahul Sundaram <metherid at> wrote:

> > * If FAS is unavailable, how does askbot behave? No one can auth? or
> >   falls back on a local file? or ?
> Askbot has openid support.  Will support using Google,  Twitter etc as
> you can see in 


> > * Do we have any idea how much load/capacity this will take? I
> > guess it will depend on how much it takes off and how much people
> > use it. Are posts/answers stored in db? Or on the filesystem?
> Stored in the db.  Supports MySQL or Postgres.  Postgres is
> recommended by upstream since it supports full text search.  I don't
> know how much load it will take.  I have tested it but not with
> thousands of users. 

Yeah, thats hard to say for sure. 

> > * Will there be any guidelines or the like for content? Should all
> >   questions be fedora related? Do we want to remove posts that are
> >   offensive? (Not a technical issue, but thought I would mention
> > it, it would be good to have guidelines for moderation before
> > content appears to meet people's expectations)
> We would recommend people post Fedora related questions in the FAQ but
> if there is a community to answer general open source questions,  that
> is alright too.  As people vote up/vote down answers, answer other
> questions etc and gain points they incrementally get more
> administrative access in the forum and become moderators.  Moderators
> have very similar rights to admins.  Offensive posts (both questions
> and answers) can be flagged by anyone and administrators/moderators
> can close it and suspend/block users as necessary.

Sure, just wanting to know if there were general guidelines thought of
already, or if they will evolve from the community. 

> >
> > * Are updates of the app pretty transparent? ie, just yum update?
> > or do they require database changes? 
> Just yum update so far.  If db changes are necessary, it requires two
> commands  (backup db for safety)
>   * python syncdb
>   * python migrate


> >
> > * Is there any security history for the application? Have their been
> >   security issues and have they been fixed in a timely manner?
> No security issues  so far but upstream has been responsive to issues
> we have reported and fixed them within days.

Thats a good sign. 

> > * Is there themeing available? Would we want to involve the design
> >   folks in making a fedora branded theme for it?
> Yes indeed.   This is my TODO list
> Upstream theming support is not awesome but good enough for our
> purposes and upstream is willing to work on enhancing is as needed


well, I think this sounds like a interesting and potentially useful
resource, so I would be happy to sponsor it and work with you on it. 

I guess the next step is a publictest instance to set things up and do
some further testing. Then, once thats good, we can work on adding it
into puppet and a stg node, then finally production. 

I will see about getting you a publictest in the next few days. 

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