Calendaring. Again.

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Thu Jul 28 22:27:01 UTC 2011

On 28/07/11 23:18, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hey, folks. Just wanted to take another shot at one of my oldest
> windmills :)
> So, we talked about calendaring for a long time. Then we picked Zarafa.
> Then we kind of implemented it. Then no-one used it, and we took it out
> again:
> That wasn't what you might call a 'success', I know. I think there's
> maybe a couple of reasons for that. One, I'm still not really sure why
> we'd pick Zarafa. It's explicitly designed to be a Microsoft Exchange
> replacement, and I don't think Fedora is a project with a lot of people
> who really need to use ActiveSync or Outlook, so...huh? It just doesn't
> seem like it was ever a great fit. By the Zarafa page on the wiki -
> - we couldn't even ship Z-Push
> because ActiveSync is patented, so apparently our only ever official
> calendaring system never had a working sync mechanism at all, and I
> don't think Zarafa's web interface is any great shakes.
> Two, there was never any particular driver towards using it.
> So, I think another try with a more appropriate calendaring system - if
> we can find one - and a 'seed' use of it might be a good idea.
> I've been using eGroupware, personally, for quite a while, and I think
> it's a good system. I'm not aware of any major barriers to including it
> in Fedora. It has internal copies of a few Pear modules, but that's
> pretty small beer and it should be trivial to use the system-wide copies
> or get an exception (some of them are extensively modified). It has a
> nice web UI and decent sync capabilities via CalDAV: I've used it
> synchronized with Evolution on two systems and never had major problems.
> It seems at least a better fit than Zarafa. Citadel would be another one
> to look at.
> As for a 'seed' use, I think an ideal fit here would be the release
> schedules. Currently, these are dumb HTML tables with ICS files living
> in the current release manager's personal fedoraproject space:
> which sucks for any number of reasons, not least of which you need to
> know who the hell the release manager is at the moment in order to find
> the schedule. =) Using a proper calendaring system would seem to be a
> far better way to handle the release calendars, and would be a great
> kickstarter for a project calendaring system. Since the calendars are
> maintained by one person, we only need to get one person (hi, Robyn!) to
> buy in, in order to kick off this seed use.
> To restrict the liability issues mentioned in Smooge's blog post, we
> could not enable the email function of the system we choose (this is
> possible with both EGW and Citadel). We could also not have individual
> accounts for all Fedora project members, at least at first: we could
> have just a few individual accounts with commit access, mainly for the
> release manager to maintain the calendars, and then have a single
> read-only guest account which people could use to view the calendars and
> sync them read-only to their phones and desktop clients. It may even be
> possible to set things up so people can view and read-only sync without
> any authentication required.
> What do people think of this idea? If it seems like an approach that's
> simpler to maintain and more likely to produce actual useful results,
> that'd be great. I'm willing to work on packaging eGroupware and
> resolving the private-copies-of-pear-modules issue - I already maintain
> eGW for Mandriva, so it wouldn't be too much work to convert the spec to
> Fedora standards.

If you don't advertise something , nobody will use it!
When was this made available to everyone ? I never heard anything, I
always assumed this was infra internal.

Maybe that is the problem here ?

Maybe I missed it being advertised, if so, I apologise.


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