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On Fri, 04 Mar 2011 19:07:53 -0500 Gareth Marchant <gareth at> wrote: > Does the nagios stage environment operate in an equivalent manner to > prod such that testing nagios 3 in stage for these systems would > accurately reflect prod? I assume that there are specific monitors > for each of these systems that would need to be exercised? I can only > imagine what that list will look like... You can see that it can't reach/monitor a lot of the things that the real instance does. The stg env just doesn't have access to all the things it would need outside it. kevin_____________________________________________
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How about devices? I am sure there are routers, switches, gateways, firewalls and maybe storage hardware monitored by nagios that are high priority/highly critical and worthy of test? 

How deeply should testing go or, put another way, how much go-live risk can be tolerated? Should a gap analysis of stage environment to production be performed prior to making a nagios test plan? I am not sure how rigorously structured this upgrade plan should be!

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