Meeting *TODAY* 2011-03-10 at 2000 UTC in #fedora-admin

Derek Carter goozbach at
Thu Mar 10 16:38:29 UTC 2011

The infrastructure team will be having it's weekly meeting today at 
2000UTC in #fedora-admin on the freenode network.

Suggested topics (suggested by whom):

* Update on the ServerBeach Outage. (nirik et all)

* Killing CVS (nirik)

* Server updates -- report by (skvidal)

* Meeting Time/Location
   We've tried to do the meeting in #fedora-admin so we can go longer 
than the hour we need to get everything done. This is problematic as 
people come to that channel to get help during the meeting and it is 
distracting. As next week is the change in DST for the folks in the 
United States, there's been a suggestion to move the meeting back to the 
#fedora-meeting channel, and to 1900UTC.  We need to discuss this in the 
meeting today.

* Do we want to talk about the "gathering community feedback" thing any 
further? (goozbach)

* Meeting tagged tickets:

Submit your agenda items, as tickets in the trac instance and/or send a 
note replying to this thread.


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