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Wed May 11 09:02:35 UTC 2011

Good morning all,

I'm Philip, I'm based in the UK. I work in government - I'm a relatively new
Linux user (Just over one years experience) - I'm 26 years old and have
always tinkered about with computers - (Starting 10 years ago, writing batch
scripts in Windows 98) - I then fell out of the way of it, with life getting
in the way - Alevels, University etc..

Last May, I bought parts and built my own computer - and decided to use
Linux so I Installed Fedora 13 - I love the operating system and I love the
OSS community.  I think the whole idea behind it is great, I mean, a
collective mind all collaborating together, it works beautifully!

In my spare time I've been teaching myself python (which I'm at an
intermediate level) and more recently C and C++ (Which I'm very much just
starting out in).  I have been reading a lot of code and trying to add
features here and there with varying degrees of success if I'm honest.  The
purpose of me joining this project is to (hopefully) develop skill, see how
the inner workings of how developers work, and ultimately, to try to one day
provide meaningful contributions.

The way I see it is;  If I work hard - in 10 years time, I should be at a
semi-competent level and be able to give something to the community.

More formally, at the minute I'm studying (also in my spare time) for the
CCNA exam.  So my skill level and understanding of networks,Cisco IOS,
routing protocols and troubleshooting would be a strong point for me.

I spend a lot of time with linux and just love learning new things.  So I
hope to be able to spend a substantial amount of time once I get going.  The
purpose of this email is just to say hello, and to perhaps advertise for a

I appreciate my curriculum vitae isn't all that impressive at the minute and
that there are a lot of great minds out there - so I just hope someone could
take me under their wing and point me in the right directions.

Well, that's all for now - thanks for reading.

Philip (l7i7)
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