change puppet report retention to 1months worth

seth vidal skvidal at
Mon May 16 17:20:26 UTC 2011

Right now we're keeping 2 months worth of puppet reports on our puppet

thats 28GB worth of reports :(

I'd like to cut that in half.

need 2 +1's


here's the diff:
diff --git a/modules/puppet/files/
index 7467d60..d274e2b 100755
--- a/modules/puppet/files/
+++ b/modules/puppet/files/
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# clean up all but the last 6 months of puppet reports
-/usr/sbin/tmpwatch --mtime 1440 /var/lib/puppet/reports/
+# clean up all but the last 1 month of puppet reports
+/usr/sbin/tmpwatch --mtime 720 /var/lib/puppet/reports/

ignore the 6months bit - that was apparently a typo :)

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