Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction Shannon Petry

Shannon Petry shannon.petry at
Thu Nov 3 04:54:16 UTC 2011

IRC Handle: spetry

Skills: Scripting Shell and Perl, but prefer shell.  Some C, TCL/TK, and
lots of real world experience.  20 Years of Unix support and 14 with
Linux.  Supported numerous environments including DOD, Engineering,
Financial, SW Dev, and more.  I'd like to get better with C and of course
overall knowledge can always improve (there is no such thing as knowing it
all, or knowing to much).

Immediate interests:  Fedora 15 shipped with bad init scripts for ypserv
and ypbind.  I'd also like to investigate an improvement to ypinit to
update NISDOMAIN or YPDOMAIN in configuration files and configuration
scripts.  Can work to modify scripts for sysconfig as well.  More as time
allows and needs arrise.
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