Calendar server

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at
Fri Nov 4 17:47:50 UTC 2011


I already mentioned it quickly on IRC but I thought I would give it more
light here. If we are still looking for a calendar server, I came across
this one today:
- python based (not other dependencies)
- wsgi or daemon or cgi
- Does private and public calendar (although we probably don't want

- supports htpasswd
- supports pypam
- supports ldap

It is rather easy to package, I did a quick src.rpm to test it:

It is a calendar server and only a calendar server:
- no email client
- no calendar client

It does not fully respect the CalDav specifications:
"The Radicale Server does not and will not support the CalDAV standard.
It supports the CalDAV implementation of different clients (Lightning,
Evolution, Android, iPhone and iCal, more are coming [4])."

So it looks like a light easy and potentially interesting tool.

Questions are:
- Are we still interested by a calendar server ?
- Will that scale ?
- How do we handle authentication ?
  - Should we write a FAS plugin ?
- How does it handle group ?
  - My feeling is that atm it does not, but maybe we could add this as
part of the FAS integration. One would then be allowed to access /nick/
and /group/ if he is part of 'group'.

Hope this helps :)

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