hackfest sessions for Fudcon blacksburg 2012

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Sun Nov 6 20:17:05 UTC 2011


I thought I'd start a thread here about hackfest sessions for the next
North American Fudcon. I'm not sure how many folks can make it, but
hopefully we have a good crowd and can get some good progress made on
some things that are harder to do/discuss remotely. 

I'll collect ideas here, and we can add the sessions we think we will
want to the wiki after we reach some consensus... 

My list:

Infrastructure Staging revamp: How can we reorg staging to make it more
useful and less hassle? We have all I think agreed it could be more
complete and setup better, but we need to flesh out the details and a
plan of attack. 

2 factor auth: Short term I think I personally would like to see us
finish yubikey as 2factor and require it for some groups, but longer
term things like google auth, etc should weigh in. Can we reuse things
from other projects? Can we come up with a map and ask for help?
A hackfest to come up with a plan would be great. 

Aprentice program/adding new people brainstorming: I think the
apprentice program has helped some folks, but It still seems like we
have a lot of people introduce themselves and not really get involved.
What could we do to make this better? Classes? A specific list of tasks
and we just assign them one to get them started?

CSI hacking. I think we could flesh out the CSI docs a good deal more
if we can sit down and brainstorm on it. 

Any other ideas? 

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