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Tue Nov 8 19:12:11 UTC 2011

On Sun, 6 Nov 2011 13:17:05 -0700
Kevin Fenzi <kevin at scrye.com> wrote:

> Greetings. 
> I thought I'd start a thread here about hackfest sessions for the next
> North American Fudcon. I'm not sure how many folks can make it, but
> hopefully we have a good crowd and can get some good progress made on
> some things that are harder to do/discuss remotely. 
> I'll collect ideas here, and we can add the sessions we think we will
> want to the wiki after we reach some consensus... 
> My list:
> Infrastructure Staging revamp: How can we reorg staging to make it
> more useful and less hassle? We have all I think agreed it could be
> more complete and setup better, but we need to flesh out the details
> and a plan of attack. 
> 2 factor auth: Short term I think I personally would like to see us
> finish yubikey as 2factor and require it for some groups, but longer
> term things like google auth, etc should weigh in. Can we reuse things
> from other projects? Can we come up with a map and ask for help?
> A hackfest to come up with a plan would be great. 
> Aprentice program/adding new people brainstorming: I think the
> apprentice program has helped some folks, but It still seems like we
> have a lot of people introduce themselves and not really get involved.
> What could we do to make this better? Classes? A specific list of
> tasks and we just assign them one to get them started?
> CSI hacking. I think we could flesh out the CSI docs a good deal more
> if we can sit down and brainstorm on it. 

There are 3 things I think would be do-able in the timeframe available.

1. 2fa setup - I concur - fix what's not working on move toward the
future of it. Hell, it'd be nice to do it before fudcon and bring all
the yubikeys we have spare to fudcon to distribute and verify for folks
who need them

2. select hosted projects to try out migration 'TO THE CLOUD' - the
plan we have discussed in the past to do hosted-$infinite and just
setup aliases for each project (hosted-func, hosted-coprs, hosted-mock,
etc). If we could get volunteer projects to try this out on we could
start with things like gitlabhq and the alias changes are fairly

3. the db-## to db-project name: db-fas, db-wiki, db-ask, db-whatever
so we no longer have to play games with figuring out where things are
stored and chasing them down. This involves making simple aliases and
updating the projects to talk to those aliases instead. It's not hard
and it's great progress to undertake

There are more things worth talking about - but in almost all cases
they require that someone have the time to work on them.... which is
sadly limited, I've found.


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