Review app for Fedora

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at
Tue Nov 29 13:51:39 UTC 2011


With the work recently done on fedora-review [1], I started to wonder if
it would be interesting to work on an app dedicated to review RPM
package for Fedora.

I got myself day dreaming about:
- One goes to this new website
- Login using FAS credential
- Click on the "create new review"
- Provide name/summary/source rpm
- Upload source rpm (check that it is a source rpm)
- The ticket gets created
- Unpack the source rpm
  - Put the tarball/zip into the dedicated directory
  - Create a Git repo
  - Add all the other files from the source rpm into the git repository
- fedora-review runs against this new package.

- Reporter adapts his spec file in the git repo
- fedora-review runs for each new version and print out the changes (?
or not)

- Reviewer works from the git
- Reviewer declares the review:
  - approve
    - git gets move and rename to become the official git repository
  - invalid (for license/bundled lib...)
    - git get removed from the filesystem
  - close (stalled reporter/any other reason)
    - git get removed from the filesystem

I was wondering if it could rely on a similar infrastructure than what
we are using via fedpkg/pyrpkg (a reviewpkg ?).

I was curious if that would be interesting and since an example is worth
many words, I tried to work on a small proof of concept [2]. The
README.txt contains the information on how to set it up for testing.
It needs still a lot of changes:
- All parts regarding the review itself (changing the status, adding one
in cc, mail comments added...) is to be done
- The design needs to be done (this has to be done, what's there atm is
just good enough for testing :-))
but as I said, it's more a PoC for the moment to collect

I am starting the conversation here on the infra list to get the first
reactions, it'll be opened to the devel list later on if worth it.

So please shoot :-)



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