Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction David van Zijl

David van Zijl davidvz at
Fri Mar 2 07:19:14 UTC 2012

Hi all

My name is David (Dave) van Zijl. I've been using Linux on and off
over the past 12 years in both development and system administration
roles. I spent the last 3 years helping to grow and manage an
installation of 200+ RHEL servers for hosting live web content as well
as development and test tools.

My skills include Puppet, X.509 PKI and some of the usual suspects
like Apache, Memcached & MySQL. I'm moderately handy with one or two
scripting languages including Python and I've packaged a number of
rpms for in-house use. I've done a few years as a C programmer but
probably not enough to dive into the kernel or anything!

Skills I would like to improve: General Linux administration (there's
always more to learn), SE Linux, virtualisation, networking.

Like most people that I imagine introduce themselves here, I'm not
quite sure where to start. I'll hang around and see how thing work for
a while before attempting anything. Keen to start small and go from

Please feel free to contact me about anything either by email or on
irc.freenode: davevz

Kind Regards

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