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> Hey Infratructure Team,
>  My name is Samuel Patterson and I'm the new guy on the block. I'm 21
> years old and live in the United States, Im not good with
> introductions, so i'll make it short. I've been using fedora since the
> fedora core years and, I decided to start contributing to my fellow
> man in the open-source community; specifically in fedora. What  I want
> to do is learn how to patch and code. I know it's a mouthful, but I
> just recently started to learn about both c/c++ and would like to see
> how I can code software as well as patch things up. I'm in the market
> for a mentor so anyone is welcome.


If you want to work on c/c++, you might look at package maintainer

We don't really do too much c/c++ coding here in infrastructure. Most
of our applications are in python and are webapps. We also do day to
day administration type work. 

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