Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction Marcel

marcel at marcel at
Thu Mar 8 21:16:13 UTC 2012

Hello dear Fedora Community,

my name is Marcel. I am a 26 years old, born in southern Africa and  
currently living in Germany.
A large part of my private and professional life is dedicated to Linux  
and opensource/GNU-GPL software.

I'd like to contribute to the Fedora Project in some capacity. I don't  
know in which capacity I can (or may) be of most use.
This is why I would like to describe my IT activity.

I learnt my trade as a Systems Integrator at a vocational college in  
Germany. I now work as a technical contractor for a german IT service  
My active technical topics are primarily Linux and networking, but for  
the sake of completeness, I'll include...

...virtualization. Primarily with VMWare, but also with RHEV.

...Microsoft products. I'm not a fan of Microsoft, and probably never  
will be. But as an IT professional it's almost impossible to avoid  
contact with Microsoft solutions. As a result I'm able to set up  
Active Directories as well as Exchange and Sharepoint servers.

...networking and network security. This includes the configuration of  
routers, firewalls and switches as well as network design. I implement  
the occaisional VPN gateway.
I'm certified as CCNA and CCNA Security. and system monitoring. I design and implement monitoring  
solutions for customers ranging from small branch offices up to  
nationwide organisations (several thousand employees and thousands of  
devices being monitored). I almost exclusively employee Nagios for  
this purpose.

...Linux! My first and greatest love is Linux. I am a Redhat Certified  
Systems Administrator and Redhat Certified Engineer. I've done quite a  
bit with Linux, including router, firewall, file server, print server,  
proxy (with virus scanning, URL filter, etc), web server, mail filter  
(virus/spam/etc), virtualization, etc etc.
At work I use RHEL or CentOS for servers, at home I use Fedora for my  
desktop/laptop devices.

Due to my work, I've also had the "pleasure" of working with Ubuntu,  
SuSE and a bit of HP-UX.

I would be happy to receive suggestions on how I can contribute most  
sensibly based on my skill set.

Thank you for your time. I hope we can work together in furthering  
Fedora and Linux in general.

Kind regards,


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