GSoC idea to setup Gitlab for Fedora Hosted, looking for mentors

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Tue Mar 20 14:50:52 UTC 2012

On Tue, 20 Mar 2012 16:39:42 +0200
Stas Sușcov <stas at> wrote:

> Thanks a lot for openness! :)

No problem. We aim to be open. ;) 

> Not sure passenger is the problem.
> Gitlab uses the awesome Resque[1], so you will need something like  
> foreman[2] to run the app with it's workers all together (at least
> this is the easiest way to do that).
> I would go with a different stack like unicorn[4] as the webserver
> and use apache (if you really want to keep it, other-way I would
> consider nginx) as a reverse proxy.

Well, the problem with all these things is that they are not packaged
in Fedora/EPEL. 

Our deployment and management of systems depends on having rpm packages
available for Fedora/EPEL. This lets us be sure of the following: 

* The package is free by Fedora's definitions of Free. 

* The package doesn't bundle other libs that could cause a variety of

* The package has at least one maintainer and we can file bugs against
  it in 

* The packages are signed and built in a sane build env. 

In any case, we don't want to deploy things that are not packaged, so
the big hurdle here is getting the stack of things you need to deploy
this packaged. ;) 


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