GSoC idea to setup Gitlab for Fedora Hosted

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> > Stas,
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> > Looks like fun.  Fedora Hosted supports a variety of SCM tools, not
> > just git.  Is there a way to fit Gitlab in with that?
> >
> >
> Tools used on fedora hosted do NOT have to support every SCM. We have
> the ability to provide specific apps/tools for a project based on what
> SCM they are using.
> Most importantly, the overwhelming majority of our projects are using
> git. There's no reason to mandate minority-scm support in anyone trying
> to improve the majority.


In fact, I would say that's one of the things that makes the Fedora
infrastructure so exceptional. It does not try to fit everything into a
grand vision...I've seen those efforts, and they always fail because they
are too rigid. The best infrastructures are the ones that dance with the
system (and thus get the most support from all interested parties). There
is absolutely room for cues to suggest how things should go (like making
sure all bits can be packaged), but it ends up feeling very natural just works.


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