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> probably we would be adding 100-300 systems. not only do we need to
> consider overloading of puppet, but also logging and monitoring. I
> guess its more how do we scale our infrastructure from at a guess ~100
> nodes today to 3 to 4 times that 



> im ok with that, im pretty sure fas will scale to the extra boxes. do
> we drop monitoring of the builders? what about collectd etc. 

There's a few things we could do on fas load: 

a) add more fas servers. 
b) reduce the number of runs. How often do we change someone in
sysadmin-noc, sysadmin-main, sysadmin-build?
c) move to a system where we only re-run fasClient when there is a

I'd agree collectd off probibly. Or at least a seperate one if we
needed to monitor them. 

> main issue is that today we are not 100% sure of how we will install
> arm boxes. how do we deal with all the non puppet related systems?
> also need to look into how we can better scale koji itself. when we
> go from 20 to 200+ builders we need to make sure that load doesn't
> cause koji to fall over.


> all the arm boxes will have management consoles. but today im not 100%
> sure how access to that would be. we would also need to deploy fedora
> for any arm based systems. things we need to reconsider also is
> networking today the storage network and the builder networks
> are /24's so we could use 253 nodes. i suspect we will go over that
> on the build network. we could not have the storage network on arm
> builders. it is really only needed for createrepo. but we may need to
> look at expanding kojipkgs to more nodes. or increase its network
> throughput with multiple bonded gig network ports. think mass rebuild
> and 100 or 200 buildroots initialising at once.  it will stress our
> resources on all levels. but the flexibility of so many nodes could
> allow us to deploy solid solutions to scale and show that fedora is
> still the leader in open infrastructure and sets industry best
> practices.

Yeah, we could hopefully have another network thats larger than /24 for
the arm builders. 

I'm sure some of this will be a process of 'oh no, what we have now
doesn't scale, lets fix it'. Of course some of it we can get ready for
up front too. 

Overall I like the idea of the automated builder re-install and think
it will get us more ready for things like a large arm cluster. 

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