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Wed Mar 21 15:03:24 UTC 2012

On Wed, 21 Mar 2012 08:33:51 -0600
Kevin Fenzi <kevin at> wrote:

> There's a few things we could do on fas load: 
> a) add more fas servers. 
> b) reduce the number of runs. How often do we change someone in
> sysadmin-noc, sysadmin-main, sysadmin-build?
> c) move to a system where we only re-run fasClient when there is a
> change. 

I'm thinking for the hosts which are sysadmin-ish only - do C.

for the publicish hosts continue to poll fas directly.

- hosted, people, bastion, publictests == poll
- everything else is a set built and pushed to them.

> I'd agree collectd off probibly. Or at least a seperate one if we
> needed to monitor them. 

I'm not sure what benefit we get from collectd on transient builders,

On our long-running hosts I understand but not on the builders.

> Yeah, we could hopefully have another network thats larger than /24
> for the arm builders. 

I can imagine various network changes should easily allow us to
allocate larger than a /24 to the internal build network.

> I'm sure some of this will be a process of 'oh no, what we have now
> doesn't scale, lets fix it'. Of course some of it we can get ready for
> up front too. 

yay for planning! :)

> Overall I like the idea of the automated builder re-install and think
> it will get us more ready for things like a large arm cluster. 

Then I will get crackin' on making it work.

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