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> Hey all i asked a couple of questions of calxeda about networking on
> thier arm hardware im forwarding on the attached response. if we have
> more questions we can ask.

Hopefully that will work. Perhaps we could do multiple 10G interfaces,
I don't know how practical that will be tho. 

> Dennis

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> On 03/20/2012 04:04 PM, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> > Hi Mark,
> > 
> > finally sorted out email. a corrupt imap cache caused claws to
> > sigbus, always fun.  so to the networking question.
> > 
> > in fedora infrastructure today we have 4 different vlans i think.
> > how we see would do things would be to have a single 10g uplink
> > into the network. say we had a 100 node system. 
> > 
> > we would bond all 4 vlans into the uplink, then want to setup the
> > switch fabric on the system to be something like 
> > 
> > nodes 1-20 - fedora infra public vlan <where we run our proxies and
> > appservers etc> 
> > nodes 21-40 - qa vlan for tying into the qa infrastructure
> > nodes 41-100 - build vlan, where all our builders live.
> It will possible to set up a system this way. The ECMEs will have
> support for VLAN tagging, and you would set up the VLAN IDs as part of
> the normal process of configuring the network and fabric. The basic
> process would be a sequence of IMPI and TFTP transfers to request the
> node configuration files, edit them, return them to the nodes, and
> commit them. You'd have to do some of that anyway just to set up
> things like static IP vs DHCP.
> The network guys did have this to say specifically:
> "I would like to note, that while your configuration is perfectly
> valid, it may result in uneven performance. Using only one of the
> four uplinks means connecting at only one point on our fabric. I
> understand that 10Gb ports may be hard to come by, but four 1Gb
> uplinks may provide a more even performance than a single 10Gb uplink.
> "And since you have four VLANS, if you went to four 1Gb links, you
> could have your switch ports act as termini for the four VLANS and
> then through our configuration interface map the network interfaces
> to match your VLAN needs. In that fashion, you would not need to have
> the management engine and servers add/remove VLAN tags at all."
> Hope this information helps you guys decide your provisioning plans.
> - --Mark Langsdorf
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