Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction Nicholas Alonge

Nicholas J. Alonge nick.alonge at
Sun Mar 25 00:08:15 UTC 2012

IRC nick: cafejunkie (on freenode)

Hello! My name is Nick and I'm a (junior) Linux Admin looking to help
out the Fedora Infrastructure team. Fedora has always been my favorite
Linux distro and I want to contribute back to the Fedora Project to help
Fedora advance and to also gain personal experience with a variety of

I am proficient with Python for writing administrative scripts and
recently started branching out into web application development. I also
help operate an IRC network where I just recently rolled out Puppet and

I am mostly interested in joining the NOC team and would also love to
help out with development of the web apps.

I'll be hanging around IRC for the next week or so to see how things
work and where I can help out. Hope to see you there.

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