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Tue Mar 27 21:43:47 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2012-03-27 at 17:35 -0400, seth vidal wrote:
> Except it is more or less where we are now.
> ie: user can run stuff but they cannot put any exec or suid files in
> any place they can write.
> The debate is not about whether or not to enable this - it is about
> whether we need to allow network connections at all.
> Allowing irc out or ssh tunnels is not significant more safety
> over just allowing general network communication, afaict. 

It's not quite like that. E.g. if we do fedora_u with irc_role(), then
the person would be allowed to execute a binary labelled with
irc_exec_t, which would then be allowed to connect to IRC ports. Without
executing that binary, the user would not be able to connect to IRC
ports, so no ssh-forwarding or just "telnet 6667".

Let me verify this in my VM, though, before I'm forced to insert my foot
into my mouth. :)

Konstantin Ryabitsev
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Montréal, Québec
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