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This might be of interest:


Those are free/open to anyone for cloning and may help provide a general


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> I'm a Fedora apprentice, interested in Puppet.
> I've been looking through the puppet repo on lockbox01 to try to learn
> what's there.  I've been looking through them on lockbox01 itself.
> I think it would be useful to try running puppet-lint on a module or two.
>  It seems like it would be easiest to do this on my own machine, since that
> way I wouldn't have to persuade someone else to install puppet-lint and its
> transitive dependencies on an official, Fedora resource.
> So, here are my questions:
> (1) Would it be okay if I downloaded a single module from the repo?
> (2) Could someone suggest a particularly "typical" repo to play with?
> Even better would be three -- one very simple, one typical, and one
> complex -- but I'd be perfectly content to start with one.
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