Idea for FUDCon

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at
Thu Jan 10 18:46:27 UTC 2013


I was wondering if we would be interested in having a session dedicated
to the Fedora apps in the infra.

Something like "Apps @ Fedora Infra, present and future", just to come
back and present on what we have been doing and what we are planning to
I am thinking:
- packages
- tagger
- fedmsg (something short as we already have a dedicated session for
  - with busmon and fedora-notify
- new elections
- easyfix
- status

We could of course include things like 'problem tracker' (aka
retrace.fp.o) but I think we should focus on what we (the infra team) is
working on.

And then in the future we have:
- bodhi 2
- fedocal
- what we do with the cloud
  - jenkins
  - buildbot (?)
  - coprs
- new pkgdb
- new elections
- hyperkitty (although there is also a session dedicated to it)
(- framework update ?)

Maybe we could divide the presentation between the different authors as
give like 10min / person (I can think of at least 5 persons involved in
what I listed above) to present what apps they have been working on and
what they are planning to do.



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