OT: Mailman anti-spam syntax

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Mon Jan 14 15:34:59 UTC 2013

Frank Murphy wrote:
> Apologies for noise, havn't got an answer to this anywhere else.
> Trying to prevent spam coming into the fm trac ml. 
> created from add ticket in the fm trac.
> If in the mailman admin > privacy -spam-filter 
> as 1st rule I put:- 
> if ^Subject:.* != ^Subject:.*\Wstuff\W
> action > discard
> Will it discard all Subjects that don't contain "stuff" 
> Which is what I want.
> Currently have in place:
> ^Subject:.*\Wstuff\W (action > accept) 
> which still lets the odd spanner through.
> Or would this all have to be done in a backend file somewhere. 
> Trying to learn Python on the wing.

I don't believe that you can use python code in the spam-filter entry, 
just a regular expression.  There might be a way to express what you 
want as a single regex, but it might not be pretty.

I think you could have a second spam filter entry that matched any 
subject and discarded.  But I haven't tested that to see if the first 
match stops processing of further filters.

The mailman-users is almost surely a better place to get help on 
something like this.

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