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Ashen Gomez ashengmz at
Thu Jan 17 18:24:23 UTC 2013


I am an undergraduate computer engineering student from University of
Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
I have successfully finished my OS course in the last semester.
I would like to continue working in a OS project for improving my knowledge

Currently I am working on a multi core architecture project.
In this project we are creating a scheduler to manage power in a
multicore research chip called Intel Single Chip Cloud computer.

I have some experience in working with Fedora and Ubuntu and I have a
special interest in cloud computing and mobile computing.
I have a bacground in C and Java programming languages.

You can find me in IRC by my nickname, ashengmz.

I would like to fix some minor bugs first in order to get to know and would
like to contribute further as I gain more experience.

Thanks and best regards,
Ashen Gomez.
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