Fudcon lawerence stuff

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Tue Jan 22 16:34:43 UTC 2013


We discussed lots of things at fudcon, and I figured I would try 
(I know I will miss things) to summarize/note those things for folks on
the list: 

1) we got rid of the /etc/host alias for admin.fedoraproject.org inside
phx2. This turned out to hit a few corner cases, but we got it all
fixed. This means that proxy01 is NOT a SPOF for all fas access inside
phx2 anymore. 

2) Shut down insight hosts that are no longer being used. We still have
some cleanup to do there... remove them from haproxy, close old tickets
around that, make sure there's no where else they are mentioned. 

3) ppc secondary arch folks might want us to help backup their koji db
or the like. We need to figure out how to do that. 

4) Talked about puppet to ansible transitioning. This would not be a
hard transition/mass changeover, but rather a gradual one. We need need
to lay some more groundwork. We should probibly whip up a wiki page on
planning this. 

5) Talked about external fedmsg messages. Looks like we need two
interfaces: one that can do certs like our internal stuff (this would
be from applications/things we trust), and a web posting thing that
would be from end users (for badges, etc). 

6) Allowed projects to use github for their SCM needs if they choose
to. Note that this doesn't mean we will be using anything at all non
free in infrastructure, it just means free projects we use can choose
their own hosting. 

7) mirrormanager 1.4 is coming to staging soon, and some new folks are
interested in helping maintain it now too. ;) 

8) Spot talked about cool ideas around app store and badges. Hopefully
their will be some new resources to help work on these, but we already
have a good start on badges at least. Need to be ready for that work to
ramp up. 

9) QA is testing out using our openstack cloud for their autoqa needs.
Hopefully we can get feedback from that and setup things as best works
for them. 

10) Moved openid out of fas to it's own service as part of thinking
about moving to a model where each service has it's own small container
or vm instead of everything on one big app server. 

11) Work on the websites to not pull translations on every build. More
work needed to finish this up on my part. 

12) Added a HOTFIX SOP. I want us to use one additional step: check in
the orig file, then check in a diff on top of that. This allows us to
see what things the hotfix actually changed. 

13) Seth found some interesting trends in mirrormanager requests over
the last year. Luke is importing all that data into some tools to try
and get a better view of whats happening there. 

...and I bet there's more stuff that I forgot. If you remember
something you worked on, add it here in a reply. ;) 

Things I wanted to get done, but didn't: 

1) Pick a FAD topic. We have no lack of topics for a FAD. If someone
wants to push a particular one, please do shout out about it. 

Overall a very productive fudcon. :) 

Thanks to everyone who came and worked on things!

You all rock. 

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