vfad - virtual fedora activity day ideas

seth vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Thu Mar 7 20:18:39 UTC 2013

 We discussed this today in the infra meeting: We've had some success
with FADs - fedora activity days - most recently for 2-factor-auth.

FADs let us focus on a specific task and knock it out by having all the
stakeholders together in one place and all ready to only do achieve one
goal. The problem is they require people all come to one location and
we have hotels to put people in, etc. Which is not only expensive but a
giant pain in the ass. :)

I'd like for us to try out a VFAD where we act like we are in a FAD but
we don't go anywhere. We come together in a single irc channel. We tune
out our other msging channels. We all gather on a single google hangout
or conference call so we can just yell at each other when needed.

In short we use all the high-bandwidth things we can to provide access
to each other but from remote locations.

so we discussed ideas of what to do on such days and a lot of ideas
came out of it (in no particular order)

- application logging/logging in general
   - enhancing our trending/analysis
   - making our web app logging not be so much pain
   - making sure our logs are complete and legible

- 2fa in apps
  - making all of our apps use 2fa if available

- app/appserver break out
  - breaking our apps from grouped app## servers into individual
    application instance (tagger##, bodhi##, etc)
  - helps with isolating where problems actually live

- ansible migration

- cli logins for web apps
  - dealing with our decisions on tokens or oauth, etc and implementing

- fedorahosted-ng
  - the next iteration of fedorahosted and what we need to add to make
    it fast/better/great

  - intrusion detection

- db-replication/SPOF-removal
  - right now our db servers are our major single-point-of-failure
  - replicate our db servers
  - better failover conditions

- nagios
  - automating more of nagios
  - handling errors better

- cloud-productionizing
  - things to make our cloud fully production

Other ideas?

Please let us know what you think and add ideas.

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