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Axilleas Pipinellis axilleas at
Tue Mar 12 15:41:25 UTC 2013

On 03/12/2013 09:33 AM, Dan Allen wrote:

> Great news! Thank you for stepping forward.
> One of the key reasons I've been pushing for GitLab is because I see the
> potential it has for drastically improving the discoverability of the
> Fedora code base and encourage participation. I've been involved with a
> lot of projects on GitHub and I'm amazed by how simple it is to submit
> changes (to both code and documentation). In fact, it's often easier to
> send a patch with a description of the change than to create an
> issue...flipping the normal bug submitting process on its head.
> GitHub also works because it enables collaboration over coordination.
> You don't have to ask for permission on GitHub. You just do it. Then you
> can easily track when they get pulled in or changes are requested. (the
> same is true of GitLab).
> With GitLab, we can bring that experience to the Fedora community. It's
> a large enough community (esp in terms of repositories), that I'm
> positive we'd see that collaboration kindle within the Fedora instance.
> this is a big deal.
> -Dan

Hi Dan, thanks for replying!

As Kevin said, let's see how the packaging will go and then we can start 
working at deploying it. I'll see to make a draft of the process I have 
in mind in the following week.

The only drawback I see in case GitLab becomes fedorahosted's frontend, 
is that for someone to see the code in a project, they have to be part 
of the team. Repositories are kind of private.

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