ansible variable fix commit

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Thu Jan 2 02:22:07 UTC 2014

After pushing this I went ahead and did some more cleanup:

1. I went through and ran 'ansible-playbook --syntax-check' on all the
host and group playbooks and fixed all the depreciation warnings that
were left and also cleaned up any errors that prevented it from

2. I then went and ran 'ansible-playbook --check --diff' on them all
and fixed up some more issues. A few cases where we needed to run
things always (even in check) because we use the variables, missing or
wrong paths, syntax issues that werent caught by check, etc. 

There's a few hosts that aren't up/running:

Should we nuke these? 

Anyhow, next steps next week will be to run them and make sure
everything is in sync, then get it so everything is 100% idempotent. :) 

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