introducing myself

cnu seenureddy42 at
Fri Jan 10 17:49:35 UTC 2014

hi Fedora,
i am newbie to Linux
i have two years experience in c c++ and driver development in
windows OS.
I have worked on PCI ,USB drivers ,and developed Single Document,
Multiple Document Interface applications for simulating data logger
cards .
I have started working on Linux and currently developing an application
using qt designer.
I am very interested in Operating System designing and development about
which i know just a little.
I want to learn this through Linux . 
I can spend minimum 1 hour per day and more than 3 hours on weekends.
i am interested in Fedora because Fedora has vast community to help
starters and i just like it to learn through contributing .
so what are the groups i should join ?
Please suggest me some groups where i can use my existing skills ,so
that i can get familiar with things happening here.

so please consider my request and reply me any suggestions .

Thank you,

cnu <seenureddy42 at>

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