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I thought I would write up an email where we stand with and things we need to get done and things I would
like to see. ;)


- Thanks to anshprat and echevemaster we got a askbot-0.7.49 rpm put
- We got our old staging all working with it.
- However, being the paranoid sort and seeing that we had a bunch of
  people poking at it locally and doing all kinds of things to it, I
  decided to do a clean staging instance to make sure it would work as
- I migrated ask01.stg over to ansible and destroyed the old instance
  and made a new one with 0.7.49 and the config/etc we had in puppet. 
- I had to tweak some more things to get it up and going. 
- It's now up, but it tracebacks in trying to add new questions (at
- I didn't do anything to the database, it's the same one we were using
  for staging before. 

So, what we need here is to figure out whats wrong with it now and get
it working, or possibly wipe the db and put the production one over
there (downside there is that it might send emails, which would confuse
users, so we need to make sure that doesn't happen if we go that

Once we have it all working. I will wipe and make a fresh instance of
it. I want it to come up working from whats in ansible before we touch

Production / misc: 

- feedback link is broken, so people send feedback to
  admin at This is not great as I don't have time/know
  about specific things some people ask.. Where should we point these?
  sysadmin-ask-members at

- I have no idea who all is still active in wanting to work on askbot.
  We should figure that out. Perhaps we could cull the sysadmin-ask
  group down to those people who are still around and are willing to
  work on it?

- Fedora theme: Ryan was working on that a whlile back. It would sure
  be nice to get something out there, even if it's not perfect. 

- It would also be nice to have some way to communicate/collaborate
  with moderators/admins. Sometimes people ask for karma changes or
  voting changes or whatever, and it would be nice to have a place to
  discuss that. I guess meta on the site itself might work, but we
  should decide. 

- multilang support. The new 0.7.49 has multilang support, but it
  wasn't working last we tried it. We should really try and get this
  working. There are already communities with their own ask instances
  that could be using the main Fedora one. ;) 

- The rawhide/Fedora version is still on 0.7.48. There's at least one
  issue with python-celery and django-celery needing to sync up, but it
  still needs someone interested in watching that and updating it and
  testing it, etc. We should make sure it works in Fedora. :) 

- Theres 8 open ask infrastructure tickets: 

#3654	Ask Fedora uses flags to show a user's location
(needs working with upstream to enable disabling them)

#4012 'give feedback' broken
#3818	Enable multilingual support in ask
( hopefully fixed with upgrade )

#3840	[HOTFIX] Adding upstream fix to post-office to re-enable
html mailing
(needs someone to make sure this went upstream, if it's in 0.7.49, etc)

#3884	Apply Fedora theme to Ask Fedora
#3528	Banner for new user points to FAQ but doesn't provide link
(needs the theme to exist)

#3919	Disable login
#3675	Unable to re-tag posts on Ask Fedora
(needs working with upstream/making hotfixes)

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