Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction Jacob Clark

Jacob Clark iamjacobclark at
Mon Jan 13 16:17:03 UTC 2014


My name is Jacob Clark and I'm excited to get involved contributing to
the Infrastructure of Fedora!

I'm from the United Kingdom (GMT+ London time). I currently work for a
large retail company managing their web projects and infrastructure.

I have a solid understanding of emerging software development
techniques, client side frameworks, server side frameworks,
relational/non-relational database systems, continuous integration,
testing, version control & sysadmin unix/linux.

I'm competent in several programming languages, at both high level and
low level machine development, these languages include: Assembly
(NASM), C (GCC), Objective-C, Python, PHP, Pascal, JavaScript and

I'm experienced with Unix(-like) systems, DevOps platforms (Puppet,
Chef), Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Hudson), Firewalls (IPTables),
HTTP Servers (Nginx, Apache, Varnish) and various other platform
reliability tools.

I'm joining because I believe contributing to an open source project
such as Fedora is not only rewarding, but also a fantastic way to gain
experience in working with a large scale collaborative project.

I'm able to put in a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 hours per week on Fedora.

My IRC handle is: imjacobclark

I'd be very interested in getting started straight away tackling bugs,
and I would like to pick up the following to get started with:

I'm looking forward to getting started and heavily involved in the
Fedora project.

Many thanks
Jacob Clark.

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