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Mon Jan 13 19:33:19 UTC 2014

On 13 January 2014 07:12, Matthew Miller <mattdm at> wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 12:16:00PM -0700, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> > - I have no idea who all is still active in wanting to work on askbot.
> >   We should figure that out. Perhaps we could cull the sysadmin-ask
> >   group down to those people who are still around and are willing to
> >   work on it?
> I'm intersted in some capacity, but kind of depresssed about the state of
> the software (which in turn is limiting the building of a community). When
> I
> go back and forth from Genuine Stack Exchange to Ask Fedora, I end up
> feeling sad.
> I'm kind of wondering if maybe we should make a long-term goal of scrapping
> it in favor of some Q&A-centered extensions to Hyperkitty. I had talked to
> Aurelian about this briefly a few months ago and he seemed open to the
> idea.
Could we please not overload hyperkitty with more stuff before its actually
replacing something? I have heard so many "I talked to Aurellian, and he is
open..." that I have no idea what Aurellian has really promised to do, what
is actually feasible, and what has been "That is nice.. (dear lord I hope
they don't expect 1 programmer to do this?)"

Stephen J Smoogen.
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