Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction jlar

Jonathan Larsen jonathan at
Mon Jan 13 19:05:10 UTC 2014

   - My IRC handle is jlar or j-lar.
   - I have experience with system administration, mostly with Debian
   variants and CentOS, and config management with puppet and cfengine. I've
   been working in healthcare for the last 3 years and I want to get my linux
   skills back up to par, and keep my hands dirty. I'm willing to help with
   anything I can and I'm hoping to learn whatever is thrown my way. I can
   give 4 hours a week.
   - I'd like to work on monitoring and config management, but really
   anything that I can contribute to I'm willing to do. I'm looking forward to
   being a part of this community!

A cloud of mystical dust appears, shrouding Jon in its magic. You roll a
four. The cloud dissipates and Jon is gone.
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