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Tue Jan 14 21:11:03 UTC 2014

On Mon, 13 Jan 2014 22:46:37 +1100
Ankur Sinha <sanjay.ankur at> wrote:
> Aye. I noticed this the other day too. I tried to log in as root to
> read the server logs but it said I didn't have sudo access
> ('ankursinha' is not in sudoers file). Could you please check if I
> have the required permissions on ask01.stg?

Fixed. It was something I missed moving it to ansible. 

Please let me know if it still doesn't work. 

> > So, what we need here is to figure out whats wrong with it now and
> > get it working, or possibly wipe the db and put the production one
> > over there (downside there is that it might send emails, which
> > would confuse users, so we need to make sure that doesn't happen if
> > we go that route). 
> There's a cron job that sends out mail using the post-office backend.
> We could just disable that?

We could. If we want to go the replace db route let me know. 

> I could at least enter and send feedback on staging. I have no idea
> who it went to: I haven't received an e-mail yet. It's possible
> feedback was fixed in 0.7.49 too?

Possible. Yes, I didn't see any emails from it either... so we need to
figure out where it's going. 

> > - I have no idea who all is still active in wanting to work on
> > askbot. We should figure that out. Perhaps we could cull the
> > sysadmin-ask group down to those people who are still around and
> > are willing to work on it?
> I am. I hadn't the time to do the update with the django1.4
> requirement etc., but since Anshu took care of that I should be able
> to help with the other issues.

Excellent. ;) 

Would you also be willing to ping the sysadmin-ask group and find out
who is still active/should be removed? Or any new folks that do want
to work on it added. 


> +1 for meta on the site. It's a lot better than sending out mails to a
> bunch of people. 

Cool. Is there any easy way for people interested in just that to
follow it?

> > - multilang support. The new 0.7.49 has multilang support, but it
> >   wasn't working last we tried it. We should really try and get this
> >   working. There are already communities with their own ask
> > instances that could be using the main Fedora one. ;) 
> This would be a lot easier if upstream demonstrated multilang support
> on their instance (Do they?). It's all documented, but not very easy
> to debug.

Yeah. ;( 

> > - The rawhide/Fedora version is still on 0.7.48. There's at least
> > one issue with python-celery and django-celery needing to sync up,
> > but it still needs someone interested in watching that and updating
> > it and testing it, etc. We should make sure it works in Fedora. :) 
> We aren't using celery on our instance, are we? We use
> django-post-office as the mail backend instead. I'm not sure if celery
> is limited to mailing, or if it has other effects on the functioning
> of askbot too. It's listed as "optional". Ticket where I set up
> django-post-office:
> It seems django-celery is obsolete and python-celery can work directly
> with django from version 3.1
> So, it appears that python-celery needs to be updated to 3.1 and
> django-celery obsoleted?

I don't know. ;) 


> Thanks again for bringing up the list. I'll try and work on some of
> these issues in the coming weeks.

Great. I would really really like to get this updated in prod soon...

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