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Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Wed Jan 15 23:36:45 UTC 2014

Ok. I hacked more on this today and got a bit further. 

It seems the problem is that celery is still needed even after the
patch to remove it and despite upstream saying that it's optional. 

If you remove the celery loading in, the traceback you get
is that: 


from celery.decorators import task

can't import task.

If you go ahead and re-enable celery and install it, it loads up ok and
you can even post and answer questions.

I then looked at post_office (sadly, this spewed out a ton of emails to
sysadmin-ask before I could stop it and flush the queue. Sorry about
that). However, it doesn't seem like it's sending correctly. 

So, the remaining issues are: 

1) Can we or should we try and disable celery? Or is it ok it loads,
but we don't use it for mail anyhow?

2) we need to get emails working. 

3) AdamW has been working on unbundling tinymce from askbot, and it's a
pretty epic journey. We will want to look at doing all those things
before deploying too. 

So, we are closer at least. 

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