fedoraproject.org SIP service?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Fri Jan 17 13:23:43 UTC 2014


debian.org is in the progress of enabling a SIP service for the
developer community.

Many of the same tools used for debian.org are in Fedora as well.  I
have been helping get the reSIProcate package into shape for this type
of use and I would be happy to help the Fedora community benefit from
this.  Ideally, we would have a situation where sip:user at debian.org can
call sip:user at fedoraproject.org and vice versa.

I understand Fedora does not provide full ISP-like services (e.g.
mailboxes) to the community and Debian is much the same.  A SIP service
would not be a full software PBX like Asterisk or FreeSWITCH.  It would
simply be a SIP proxy that enables interconnection between project
members.  If some people want to connect their private Asterisk servers
to the SIP proxy they can do that, but there would be no obligation to
maintain things like that centrally.

An overview of the project at Debian is in this wiki, I'm quite happy to
make a version of this adapted for the Fedora wiki:


I'll be up at FOSDEM in two weeks, so if anybody wants to discuss or
work on any aspect of this in person at that time please feel free to
get in touch.



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