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Seenu Reddy <seenureddy42 at> wrote:

> hello infrastructure,
> My FAS login is : cnureddy
> I have visited fi-apprentice ,and gone through all info and tickets.
> As I'm a starter I'm really confused.
> I've chosen infrastructure because I'm interested in operating
> system , drivers , any small GUI tools and applications.
> So,where can I find some work related to developing small
> applications using c++ ,till I get familiar with fedora project.

Well, I fear you may be in the wrong place. 

Fedora Infrastructure develops some of the applications used to build
Fedora and manages the servers running those applications. 

OS/drivers and such are developed in their own upstream projects. For
example the Linux kernel. 

Most of our applications are in python, we don't have anything in c++
that I can think of off hand. 

> This is my first Thursday with fedora project ,but attending this
> weekly meetings is difficult because in India 1900 is midnight. Do I
> have any alternative to this.
> Please provide few suggestions to overcome this starting trouble.
> The first computer I have used is Intel dual core with windows xp

So, if you want to work on device drivers and OS, you might look at
contributing to the Linux kernel, or for c++ applications you might
look at the gnome or kde desktop communities?

We would be happy to have you contribute to our setup, but it sounds
like you are looking for something lower level. ;) 

Hope that helps, 

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