Meeting Agenda Item: Introduction: sart

dashcom dashcom at
Thu Jan 23 20:47:21 UTC 2014

Hello everyone!

     I wanted to introduce myself, sart, and offer my assistance as a new volunteer with the Fedora Infrastructure Group.  I volunteered very briefly approx. 11/11 - 1/12 and hope to stick around much longer this time.  

IRC handle:  sart (can't remember my old handle last time I volunteered, so this is a new one)

skills:  I am currently attending Boston University Metro. College online, part-time, working toward MSCIS with security concentration.  My skills are limited at this point, but include CentOS/RHEL basic administration tasks, good grasp of using CLI, VIM, basic BASH scripting, basic admin tasks, system configuration, backups, basic concepts of intrusion detection and prevention, hardening systems...

What I'd like to work on:  this ticket piques my interest  (intrusion detection system) or (SSL redirect bug), anything related to security, system administration (scripting, security, backup/restore, account management, networking, etc.--  any skills that are useful for someone focusing on security).  I also really want to develop my programming skills (my experience is mostly in Java, so I am interested in Java or Python, Perl, PHP--  I want to finally get a chance to go beyond 'beginner' in at least one of the languages above and prove to myself that I can get good at it)

I'm currently unemployed, looking to develop a foundation of solid skills which will help me transition as a career-changer back into the IT field, so anything in addition to skill interests I listed above which can help me get my foot in the door somewhere can be added to the list.

Thanks in advance for your patience with neophytes like myself!

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