Ask Fedora: Do we need to add a "solved" tag to answered questions to increase visibility in search engines

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Sat Jan 25 23:22:14 UTC 2014


On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 10:25 AM, Matthew Miller . As

> I've said before, I blame the software, not the people (and that includes
> not blaming the askbot authors -- it's just a really hard act to follow and
> SE is constantly improving and tweaking to get the experience just right).

There is no particular reason Fedora as a project couldn't do it too.
Other web applications hosted by Fedora typically has Red Hat paying
developers to work on them  -  pkgdb, bodhi, tagger etc.  Unfortunately I
haven't been able to get Red Hat to allocate some engineering time or just
engage the upstream developers via a contract which they are open to do.  I
did try via Spot earlier but that didn't work out.

We do get community volunteers to help out by pushing patches upstream
whenever we can but naturally that is a slower process.  In the last few
days, I have talked to atleast three different people who have signed up to
complete a few features we need  (marking questions as duplicate,
pre-filled templates and disabling flags FYI).   If we care about the user
experience, we need to invest in it.

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