Ask Fedora: Do we need to add a "solved" tag to answered questions to increase visibility in search engines

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Jan 27 16:39:41 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 10:57:40AM -0500, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Perhaps.  I don't think Fedora has invested much in terms of growing the
> user community.  Our investments have almost always been contributor
> focused and as I have highlighted before, without a user community, it is
> unlikely we will continue to grow as a project.   If someone wants to go

I agree that it's important, and I think some sort of QA site is a key
piece. I just think that HyperKitty is more important right now (and also
helps with the user community part). I think we really need to focus on
getting that (and, as mentioned, Taskotron) into production, and once that's
going we can build up other parts too.

> the StackExchange route,  it is feasible to do a cost evaluation of the
> move vs implementing the features we need in Askbot.  We are not competing
> with StackExchange overall and don't need all of what they provide to
> satisfy our requirements and I think there are benefits to sticking with
> Askbot in terms of I18N, customization etc.

Well, and software freedom.

We don't need to clone Stack Exchange, but in order to be successful in a
similar way, we're _really_ far away. The entire notification system needs
to be rebuilt. Same with flagging and moderation in general. This is a lot
of work.

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