Summary/Minutes from today's Fedora Infrastructure meeting (2014-01-30)

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Thu Jan 30 19:51:59 UTC 2014

#fedora-meeting: Infrastructure (2014-01-30)

Meeting started by nirik at 19:00:03 UTC. The full logs are available at

Meeting summary
* welcome y'all  (nirik, 19:00:03)

* New folks introductions and Apprentice tasks.  (nirik, 19:01:23)

* Applications status / discussion  (nirik, 19:07:14)
  * new fedocal into production today. Congrats pingou  (nirik,
  * new fedora-tagger in staging.  should be in production by the end of
    the day  (threebean, 19:08:24)
  * new copr version on monday.  (nirik, 19:08:51)
  * work ongoing to add arm support to copr, but in holding for now.
    (nirik, 19:21:31)
  * LINK:   (threebean,
  * LINK:   (randomuser,
  * notifications going into more testing and feedback, will not
    announce yet.  (nirik, 19:27:38)
  * cnucnu-web will get a prod instance setup and more testing, etc.
    (nirik, 19:28:07)

* Sysadmin status / discussion  (nirik, 19:35:07)
  * smooge in phx2 feb 11th to 14th  (nirik, 19:35:59)

* Upcoming Tasks/Items  (nirik, 19:43:04)
  * LINK:
    (nirik, 19:43:04)

* Open Floor  (nirik, 19:46:39)
  * LINK:
    (threebean, 19:47:26)
  * note that many fedora folks are traveling this week and next for
    fosdem and devconf.  (nirik, 19:49:10)

Meeting ended at 19:51:23 UTC.

Action Items

Action Items, by person
  * (none)

People Present (lines said)
* nirik (97)
* pingou (35)
* mirek (19)
* threebean (18)
* smooge (15)
* abompard (11)
* danofsatx-work (9)
* webpigeon (8)
* willo (7)
* adimania (6)
* oddshocks (5)
* zodbot (4)
* randomuser (3)
* lmacken (3)
* tflink (2)
* misc (1)
* mariocav (1)
* janeznemanic (1)
* relrod (0)
* mdomsch (0)
* puiterwijk (0)
* abadger1999 (0)
* dgilmore (0)
19:00:03 <nirik> #startmeeting Infrastructure (2014-01-30)
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19:00:03 <nirik> #meetingname infrastructure
19:00:03 <nirik> #topic welcome y'all
19:00:03 <nirik> #chair smooge relrod nirik abadger1999 lmacken dgilmore mdomsch threebean pingou puiterwijk
19:00:03 <zodbot> The meeting name has been set to 'infrastructure'
19:00:03 <zodbot> Current chairs: abadger1999 dgilmore lmacken mdomsch nirik pingou puiterwijk relrod smooge threebean
19:00:10 * oddshocks 
19:00:12 <oddshocks> :D
19:00:14 * lmacken 
19:00:19 <janeznemanic> hi
19:00:21 <mariocav> hello
19:00:27 <webpigeon> Hello
19:00:30 * oddshocks reporting from Existentialism class
19:00:36 * pingou 
19:00:37 * threebean is here
19:00:47 <pingou> oddshocks: proove it :D
19:00:48 * abompard is here
19:00:50 * willo says present
19:00:55 <threebean> xD
19:00:58 * adimania is here
19:01:04 * danofsatx-work is lurking
19:01:13 <nirik> hey everyone.
19:01:23 <nirik> #topic New folks introductions and Apprentice tasks.
19:01:30 <nirik> any new folks like to introduce themselves?
19:01:36 <nirik> or apprentices with questions or comments?
19:01:38 <webpigeon> Hello there :)
19:01:38 * tflink is also lurking but a bit late :)
19:01:39 <oddshocks> pingou: "It is only through staking one's life that freedom is won." ;)
19:02:18 <pingou> oddshocks: ok I believe you :)
19:02:31 <nirik> :)
19:02:35 * mirek is here
19:02:44 <pingou> oddshocks: though I might disagree w/ the statement :)
19:02:52 <danofsatx-work> Well, I'm a I need to rehash since I haven't been active in the channels this past week or two?
19:03:06 <webpigeon> I'm interested in getting involved with the infrastructure team :).
19:03:09 <nirik> webpigeon: are you more interested in sysadmin? or application devel? or both?
19:03:14 <oddshocks> pingou: Likewise.
19:03:18 <webpigeon> nirik: bit of both :)
19:03:21 <nirik> danofsatx-work: if you like... we know you tho. ;)
19:03:38 <nirik> webpigeon: great and welcome!
19:03:44 <webpigeon> Thanks :)
19:03:57 <smooge> her
19:04:06 <nirik> webpigeon: see me after the meeting in #fedora-admin and I can get you added to our apprentice group... and see #fedora-apps for application devel.
19:04:16 * danofsatx-work is a disabled veteran of the United States Navy, now a Systems Engineer performing Information Security and Network Architecture for various clients.
19:04:26 <webpigeon> nirik: thanks :)
19:04:44 <pingou> danofsatx-work: welcome :)
19:04:44 * webpigeon might have to run in a while, but will be back later
19:04:49 <nirik> danofsatx-work: cool. welcome again.
19:04:50 <pingou> webpigeon: welcome :)
19:05:15 <webpigeon> pingou: thanks :)
19:05:46 <nirik> danofsatx-work: did I get you added to the apprentice group? or did you want to be ?
19:06:14 <danofsatx-work> nirik: Yeah, you added me already. I just haven't had a chance to do much with it yet.
19:06:42 <danofsatx-work> Willo and I were supposed to be redoing the infrastructure map based on the Nagios graphics, but we haven't hooked back up yet.
19:06:44 <nirik> ok, no worries. ;)
19:06:54 <nirik> cool.
19:07:14 <nirik> #topic Applications status / discussion
19:07:27 <nirik> ok, any applications news recently and upcoming? :)
19:07:38 <nirik> #info new fedocal into production today. Congrats pingou
19:07:47 <pingou> well let me debug it first :D
19:07:59 <nirik> problems? ;(
19:07:59 <pingou> but yeah, 0.4.2 is in prod :)
19:08:19 <nirik> mirek: would you have a few to discuss some copr stuff?
19:08:24 <threebean> #info new fedora-tagger in staging.  should be in production by the end of the day
19:08:26 <mirek> I deployed new version of Copr on Monday, it should get rid of most of traceback (but I saved several errors and TB for future :) )
19:08:31 <threebean> includes api enhancements for hughsie/gnome-software
19:08:39 <pingou> \รณ/
19:08:42 <pingou> mirek: cool!
19:08:51 <nirik> #info new copr version on monday.
19:09:04 <mirek> still not havving https, because even second version of certs are borged, so waiting on third delivery
19:09:33 <nirik> mirek: question: copr-be uses ansible to spin up a cloud instance, then it sends builds to it, builds and pulls them back, right?
19:09:39 <lmacken> threebean: nice! so will voting in gnome-software immediately hit tagger, trigger a fedmsg, etc?
19:10:15 <mirek> nirik: yes
19:10:43 <threebean> lmacken: yup.  it already does for 'ratings' right now.  the new feature adds 'usage', so you can say "I use this application", and we'll keep track of that.
19:10:51 <nirik> mirek: so, if we got a arm chassis moved over there sometime... how could we handle it? how hard would it be to modify the cloud part to use ipmitool to reinstall an arm SOC and use that for the build?
19:10:54 <threebean> lmacken: gnome-software will use that stat to help rank applications in its search.
19:10:56 <lmacken> threebean: oh wow, very nice.
19:11:16 <pingou> lmacken: no badges yet, (no auth on the gnome-software part, yet)
19:11:42 <threebean> soon, soon.
19:11:44 <mirek> the code just do: "ansible-playbook builder.yml"
19:12:06 <nirik> mirek: cool, so it should be not too hard to conditionalize the arm part to act differently if needed...
19:12:07 <mirek> it would be easy to modify it to do "ansible-playbook builder.$ARCH.yml"
19:12:28 <mirek> yes
19:12:56 <mirek> nirik: do you have some details about that part "if we got"? :)
19:13:05 <nirik> ok, great. second dumb idea: how hard would it be to add making live images? pass ks file instead of src.rpm and use livecd-creator?
19:13:56 <nirik> mirek: well, we have 4 arm chassis... we might be able to free up one for that before too long. Also, looks like we might get some new arm boxes soon... we might be able to put a pair of them or something in for copr to use. ;)
19:14:22 <mirek> nirik: somebody would have to code it. not hard, but it will take some time. week or two.. and it is not my priority
19:14:46 <smooge> I would say this is a perfect place for people who want ARM support to step in
19:14:53 <mirek> nirik: cool
19:14:56 <nirik> no problems, just wondering again... it has it's share of issues.
19:14:59 <mirek> smooge: agree
19:15:19 * nirik has no more dumb coprs ideas off hand. ;)
19:15:52 <smooge> I have one
19:15:53 <mirek> my goal is to not introduce more features (beside ability to build SCL) and make it robust and get rid of bugs
19:15:53 <nirik> abompard: if you are around, we should talk some hyperkitty. ;)
19:15:55 <smooge> rename copr to coprs
19:16:02 <nirik> smooge: :)
19:16:07 <abompard> nirik: sure
19:16:13 <mirek> and e.g. signing have much mor priority
19:16:17 * threebean always thought it was the Cool Other Package Repository System
19:16:31 <nirik> mirek: is there a todo list somewhere?
19:17:22 <nirik> abompard: so, I made mailman01/02 in production. I haven't run the playbook on them much, it bombed out somewhere ( I can't recall where... looking for the package?). I guess we need to get them all playbooked up before anything else. Should it be ok to run that playbook on them?
19:17:24 <mirek> nirik: bugzilla + plus make api call to get last time of update (only not tracked feature we need)
19:18:11 <nirik> cool
19:18:28 <mirek> nirik: so can I do something to get those ARM systems?
19:18:33 <mirek> nirik: or just wait?
19:19:21 <nirik> mirek: just wait for now. I need to talk to dgilmore when he's back online (he's traveling right now) about the existing ones, the new ones we should hear about more in coming weeks... (and they should also be able to do aarch64 ;)
19:20:01 <mirek> nirik: ok, dgilmore will be on devconf next week - so I will talk to him there
19:20:38 <nirik> mirek: sure, ping me and I can let you know what my thought was on them...
19:21:14 * pingou about to release fedocal 0.4.3
19:21:31 <nirik> #info work ongoing to add arm support to copr, but in holding for now.
19:22:23 <nirik> threebean: how's notifications looking?
19:22:45 <threebean> good, I think :)
19:22:55 <threebean>
19:23:08 <pingou> oh we should speak about where we would like cnucnu-web
19:23:15 <pingou> I have the domain name now:
19:23:20 <threebean> it just needs testing and feedback.  I anticipate there will be lots of scenarios that people want handled that it cannot manage yet
19:23:23 <nirik> so, we want to do a 'soft launch' right? ie, have just us test it out for a bit and work out bugs, then announce it later?
19:23:28 <threebean> nirik: please
19:23:40 <threebean> although, anyone in the meeting or reading the meeting notes is encouraged to try it and use it
19:23:47 <randomuser> #link
19:23:48 <threebean> please file bugs with RFEs, etc.
19:23:57 * randomuser winks at threebean
19:24:02 <threebean> randomuser: ;p
19:24:06 <nirik> pingou: cool. we can stick it at osuosl I think... I can make an instance. Does it need a stg one? or just one prod instance?
19:24:19 <pingou> cnucnu still needs quite a bit of the code refactoring after having discussing it with abadger1999 , but we could already have an idea where it should go live
19:24:28 <nirik> randomuser: meetbot actually notices links without #link. ;)
19:24:58 <pingou> nirik: an stg box might make sense, even if we drop it after
19:25:15 <randomuser> nirik, cool, I didn't know that
19:25:54 <nirik> pingou: ok, let me ponder on that... all our stg is in phx2 and uses will need to look and see if we can easily point another domain there and have it work via the proxies, etc.
19:26:05 <nirik> we may need to make it somewhere else isolated.
19:26:17 <pingou> nirik: or we just make the prod box and don't announce it until it's ready
19:26:19 <nirik> the domain is owned by you? or rh?
19:26:24 <pingou> rh
19:26:29 <nirik> that works for me.
19:27:15 <nirik> I can make it, or show any interested folks how to do so. ;)
19:27:21 * mirek lost inet connection for last 5 minutes
19:27:38 <nirik> #info notifications going into more testing and feedback, will not announce yet.
19:27:41 * pingou interested
19:27:54 <pingou> nirik: but let's do that after devconf
19:27:59 <smooge> mirek, they talked about cnucnu
19:28:05 <pingou> before I won't really have the time
19:28:07 <nirik> #info cnucnu-web will get a prod instance setup and more testing, etc.
19:28:13 * willo is interested also
19:28:13 <nirik> pingou: sure, sounds fine.
19:28:40 <danofsatx-work> for the unitiated, what's cnucnu? (quick one-liner)
19:29:00 <pingou> danofsatx-work:
19:29:00 <tflink> upstream release monitoring
19:29:05 <pingou> danofsatx-work: 1 line :)
19:29:43 <danofsatx-work> ktx ;)
19:29:50 <nirik> right, so it watches when upstreams release new versions and lets downstreams (like fedora) know.
19:29:58 <pingou> using fedmsg
19:29:59 <nirik> abompard: did you drop off? ;(
19:30:24 <abompard> nirik: was cut off somehow, I saw your message, I'll need to look at those playbooks
19:30:40 <danofsatx-work> pingou: that link isn't responding, btw - at least to me.
19:30:43 <nirik> abompard: ok, I can assist in debugging/fixing. just ping me anytime you are working on it.
19:31:01 <abompard> nirik: sure. They're in the same usual place?
19:31:04 <nirik> abompard: once those are all good, we need to figure out how to route emails, then setup test list and profit. ;)
19:31:15 <abompard> nirik: the plan looks good:-)
19:31:30 <nirik> abompard: yeah, it's the same as the mailman01.stg one, I just added mailman01.phx2/mailman02.phx to the affected hosts.
19:31:33 <pingou> danofsatx-work: hm, annoyingly for me as well
19:31:45 <willo> pingou: no response as well
19:31:56 <abompard> nirik: okay so I just run the group playbooks and the new hosts will be deployed too. Perfect.
19:32:13 <nirik> abompard: yeah, although I already did that part, so they should be up, just need the rest of the playbook.
19:32:44 <abompard> nirik: okay, I'll test that tomorrow and let you know when you get up :-)
19:33:01 <nirik> sounds great. I'd really like to get hyperkitty rolling...
19:33:02 <pingou> willo: danofsatx-work looking into it
19:33:17 <willo> pingou: no prob
19:33:33 <nirik> any other application news or plans?
19:33:49 <abompard> nirik: me too, and I'd like it setup and running before the middle of feb, cause that's when my vacations start ;-)
19:34:12 <nirik> abompard: yeah, and ideally some time while you are around to fix the issues too. ;)
19:34:12 <misc> abompard: so you can work more when the setup is done ?
19:34:49 <abompard> misc: ?
19:35:07 <nirik> #topic Sysadmin status / discussion
19:35:13 <nirik> so, on the sysadmin side...
19:35:23 <nirik> smooge is planning a trip out to our phx2 datacenter.
19:35:25 <abompard> misc: ah, gotcha
19:35:39 <nirik> smooge: feb 11th - 14th? right?
19:35:40 <smooge> I will be out feb 11-14
19:35:45 <nirik> cool.
19:35:53 <smooge> If there are problems I will be there on the 15th
19:35:59 <nirik> #info smooge in phx2 feb 11th to 14th
19:36:19 <nirik> we have a bunch of machine orders in various states of limbo... so we will see what we get before then.
19:36:48 <smooge> but my day to call it for the 15th will be no later than the 13th. If something comes up on the 14th I am calling it too late and heading home
19:37:02 <nirik> completely fair.
19:37:09 <smooge> we will be replacing the download servers in PHX2 when I am out there I think
19:37:11 <nirik> we need to come up with a todo list for you.
19:37:13 <smooge> that got approved
19:37:20 <nirik> cool.
19:37:42 <smooge> I will be doing 1 day of GNOME stuff, 1 day of PPC stuff, 1 day of inventory stuff
19:37:50 <smooge> and I think 2 days of other stuff
19:38:06 <mirek> how often sometimes do this visit to phx?
19:38:08 <smooge> using the usual 8 hours is a day and I do 16 hours at the place
19:38:09 <nirik> oh yeah, whats the current ppc status? did they ship new hw? or were waiting for you to get out there?
19:38:21 <nirik> mirek: we go 2x a year normally.
19:38:21 <smooge> I heard they were going to ship it last week
19:38:42 <nirik> cool.
19:39:41 <nirik> ok, lets see... I have the ansible daily cron job running away... it's going to sysadmin-logs like our other logs, but perhaps I will move it to just sysadmin...
19:40:05 <adimania> I have almost migrated unbound module to ansible. Some bits are left but I'll finish them over the weekend.
19:40:08 <nirik> I've been looking at it and running playbooks to sync up hosts that have changes (usually things to the base role)
19:40:26 <nirik> adimania: excellent. Thanks for working on it.
19:40:28 <adimania> Can we have a list of such modules which are suitable for beginners?
19:40:40 <nirik> I can look for some more, sure.
19:40:43 <adimania> sort of eayfix
19:40:54 <adimania> s/eayfix/easyfix
19:41:08 <nirik> yeah. some will not be too hard at all... others will be a bit more complex.
19:41:43 <adimania> right. Maybe a heuristic list will help
19:41:48 <smooge> I figure one goal will be to make the download boxes work ansible only
19:42:01 <nirik> smooge: +1, yes, they should be another pretty easy one.
19:42:25 <nirik> nfs mount, rsync, httpd, not much else really.
19:43:04 <nirik> #topic Upcoming Tasks/Items
19:43:04 <nirik>
19:43:13 <nirik> anything upcoming anyone would like to note or schedule?
19:43:45 <pingou> I added the weekly meeting to the infrastructure calendar on fedocal
19:43:58 <nirik> thanks. ;) (I thought I did a while back?)
19:43:58 <pingou> with location fedora-meeting at
19:44:07 <nirik> nice
19:44:09 <pingou> nirik: you did, to the fedora-meeting calendar :)
19:44:15 <nirik> ah... I see.
19:44:27 <pingou> which I hope to get ride of now
19:44:43 <nirik> there might be an outage next thursday night... netapp storage. They haven't finalized it yet tho.
19:45:39 <nirik> pingou: there's a '#fedora-meeting' and a 'fedora-meeting at' locations? should there be both?
19:45:54 <pingou> nirik: the one with the '#' should go
19:45:59 <nirik> ok
19:46:39 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
19:46:56 <nirik> ok, any items for open floor? questions? comments? drink recipes?
19:47:11 <pingou> so to make a mojito
19:47:26 <threebean>
19:47:29 <abompard> pingou: I knew we could count on you
19:47:39 <pingou> abompard: learned it all from you ;-)
19:47:41 <danofsatx-work> two parts hydrogen + one part oxygen = life
19:48:14 <pingou> danofsatx-work: nice recipe
19:48:31 <nirik> :)
19:48:41 <willo> ran out of coke while at home recently
19:48:48 <threebean> worth mentioning -> lots of people are travelling this weekend and next for fosdem in brussels first and then devconf in brno.
19:48:55 <nirik> indeed.
19:48:59 <willo> thought, I wonder what Dr Pepper tastes like with bourbon
19:49:00 * pingou at both
19:49:10 <nirik> #info note that many fedora folks are traveling this week and next for fosdem and devconf.
19:49:11 <willo> Suprisingly nice
19:49:19 <threebean> willo: good to know ;)
19:49:19 <nirik> willo: :)
19:50:21 <nirik> ok, if nothing else will close out in a minute...
19:51:20 <nirik> thanks for coming everyone!
19:51:23 <nirik> #endmeeting
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