koji staging setup

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Thu Apr 30 15:38:03 UTC 2015

So a while back at the bodhi2 fad, Dennis and I setup koji01.stg. 

At that time our requirements were: 

* Able to test bodhi against it. 
* Able to test builds so we could test things like new mock versions,
* Not require constant maint and care, would just mostly keep working. 

So, we set things up there to use primary koji repos as 'external
repos'. This means koji01.stg doesn't have all those rpms locally in
it's database or know what versions or tags or anything about them, it
just knows that when it wants to build say a 'f22' package it pulls the
external repo from primary in to build with. 

% koji list-external-repos
External repo name        URL
------------------------- ----------------------------------------

This also means it doesn't need to do newrepo tasks all the time, only
when it builds something locally. This also meant it didn't need much
storage, since all it would have is any small number of local builds. 

Bodhi test pushes would be small and quick because it would only handle
the locally built packages. 

Fast forward to today... 

We now would like to add some requirements I think. What are they? :) 

Do we need to do rawhide/branched composes? Daily?

Do we need to be able to do run-pungi (RC/TC) test composes?

Something else?

Lets find out our requirements before we adjust things. 


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