About fresque

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at pingoured.fr
Thu Feb 19 16:33:34 UTC 2015

Hi all,

The subject has popped-up on the devel list this week again and I thought it
might be an idea to discuss it further.

Fresque [1] is the Fedora Review Server. Its aim is to get the package review off
bugzilla into its own dedicated application that will integrate directly with
git and fedora-review.
Aurélien has been the main developer on this application in fall while Stanislav
and I presented the idea at flock last year [2].
However, Stanislav has changed team and both Aurélien and I have been working on
other projects.

So an idea is that we could have someone working on fresque this summer.
As far as I can see, there are two options for this:
a) we could get a GSoC student
b) as far as I understood, the fedora engineering team will have an engineering
intern this summer

Any thoughts on the idea of having someone working on it?
Any preferences on whether GSoC or RH intern?

One constraint is that, if we want/consider trying to get a GSoC student we need
to update the wiki [2] with the project before tomorrow.



[1] https://github.com/fedora-infra/fresque
[2] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Summer_coding_ideas_for_2015

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